Permit to Work and Contractor Management

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Pre-work Documentation

Capture all required documents before works can begin.

Permitted requires qualifications, competencies, insurances, and other critical project requirements are met before works approval and project attendance.

Don't wait until you are paying your contractors to realise they were not insured, qualified or suitable for the works.

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Permitted streamlines multiple safety workflows so that you can be confident to authorise the right people, for the right jobs in the right locations on your project.

No paper required.

Contractors provide all documentation online for your approval which is then viewable throughout the life of the works.

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Audit and Report

All of your contractor credentials and work history in one place, ready to be viewed from wherever you are.

Report and track when contractors have attended site, for how long and the locations where they worked.

Your next audit is going to be a breeze.

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Get your contractors and employees project ready.

Use the Permitted induction process to capture critical information from your contractors like their Photo ID, Insurances or Emergency Contact details.

Deliver your induction online or offline as it suits you with automatic or discretionary renewals when they expire.

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Always Qualified

Contractor qualification, insurance and induction validity are Project Readiness checks that are used as gatekeepers to works application AND site attendance. As the status of Project Readiness changes, contractors are automatically notified and prevented from attending site until Project Readiness is restored.

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Ongoing Visibility

All of your contractor credentials, approvals and work history in one place, ready to be viewed.

All of your team's history in the same place. Who approved the works, who arrived for the works, who checked them in to site and sent them home. ALL ONLINE, all in the same place.

Did we mention that your next audit is going to be a breeze?

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Starts Compliant. Stays Compliant.

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Contractor Self Service

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Get to work

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Give your contractors the tools they need to get to work, while you focus on getting everyone home safe.

What are you waiting for?

Switch to Permitted, you might save more than just time and money.

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